Why SCC?

SCC is a student run consulting group that provides its members with experience in managerial and strategy consulting through partnering with various clients. Members get the opportunity to perform projects in which they utilize data and logic to develop and pitch high quality recommendations. SCC allows its members to apply the various skills learned in structured course work to analyze and propose changes to functioning businesses. We strive to support a variety of different interests by factoring in the unique skill sets of our members when choosing clients. SCC also serves as a community on campus which allows its members to grow personally and professionally through mentor based learning. A testimony to this model, SCC boasts 100% internship and 100% job placement rates in our current and graduating members respectively. Be sure to check out where our members are working at the career section of our website.  Our hope is that SCC enables each one of its members to foster lasting relationships and continue to keep in touch as they progress through their professional careers.

How many new members does SCC select each year?

We select new members dependant on the number of graduating seniors we have that year. We take pride in our organization being a close unit; however, as we continue to thrive in the dynamic work environment, our recruitment needs shall vary accordingly.

What are the minimum requirements to join SCC?

There are no specific minimum requirements. However, we recommend students to maintain a strong GPA and obtain relevant work experience.

Do you have to be a business major to join SCC?

No, SCC is open to all majors and schools at Santa Clara University. We are looking for a diverse group of members with various backgrounds and experiences.

Is prior consulting experience required?

You do not need any prior consulting experience to join SCC. We look for students who offer creative solutions and have the ability to critically solve problems.

What does SCC look for in applicants?

We look for students who have exceptional logical thinking skills combined with strong interpersonal relationship ability. Above all, we look for commitment and excitement for the work that we do.

What is the time commitment for being in SCC?

We often compare SCC to a standard 4-unit class. New members can expect to commit at least 5-10 hours a week to the organization, which consists of weekly team meetings, weekly full group meetings, client meetings, individual research, team presentations, and team social events. SCC’s projects are usually divided into 2 sections each lasting about 5 weeks. SCC takes on projects during the Fall and Spring quarters. Each client engagement is different, and the actual time commitment will be determined by the team. However, we fully expect our members to make SCC their first priority after classwork.

How are the client projects structured?

SCC usually works with clients in 10-week engagements. Client projects are given to a group of consultants lead by a single project manager. Teams are also assisted by our faculty advisor and our senior/alumni members. Projects are typically broken up into 2 deliverables of 5 weeks each. After each deliverable is complete the team presents their research backed proposals to the client.